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Is Your Four-Legged Friend a Little Messy?

Don't worry, there's a solution you'll both love.

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FuturePaws™ Kitty Litter Mat

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Perfect for any area of your home

SECURE: The cat litter mat utilizes non-slip materials to keep the litter-box in place and your pet safe. 

EASY TO CLEAN: The litter mat features a simple design that makes cleaning dirt and liquid an incredibly simple process. Just shake the mat and then wipe away (or vacuum) any remaining dirt, sand, litter, and waste.

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DURABLE: Constructed from sturdy materials, the kitty litter mat will withstand chewing, clawing, tearing, liquids, and any other type of destruction your kitten may try.

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DOUBLE LAYERED: It features two (2) distinct layers and uses hallow ridges to comfortably spread your cat’s paws and trap excess litter. The mat uses Velcro strips to hold the two layers together.

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